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Funeral Services

Respecting tradition and embracing change

Sometimes the thought of planning a funeral seems too difficult for those who’ve suffered a loss. We’re here to help lighten your burden and remind you of the true value a ceremony can hold for you and your family.


The Healing Power of Memorial Services

Coping with a loss is never easy, and services are an essential part of the recovery process. A funeral service provides those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share memories, offer words of sympathy, and create a lasting network of comfort and support as they start the journey toward healing and peace. No matter the setting, style, or direction you choose, our professional staff are honored to assist you in creating a service that reflects your loved one’s unique life journey.


You Can't Go Back & Do it Again

We’ve seen it many times when a loved one dies. People's first reactions tend to make them want to get through the funeral process as quickly as possible. They believe it will help them avoid any additional pain or discomfort and that not having any services will protect themselves and members of their family from more pain. This belief couldn't be further from the truth. A funeral or memorial service begins the process of grieving, and when you chose to bypass it, can leave you stuck in the early stages of grief without a way to move forward.

Funeral or memorial services provide a wonderful opportunity to relate memories that you and others shared of your loved one. Families are often pleasantly surprised to hear stories from others that they had never heard before. Learning how your loved one touched the lives of others and being surrounded by family and friends, can bring great comfort.

We are dedicated to helping you honor your loved one in a manner that allows you to look back, even many years from now, and remember how everyone gathered together to share in celebrating your loved one's life. These memories truly become a gift of healing and peace of mind.


Other Service Options

Above all, we at Schueneman-Tumbleson Funeral Homes cater to the wishes of our families. Because each family is unique, we are equipped to handle a variety of demands. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our families to determine the best way to honor their loved ones and ease the adjustment for the survivors.

Whether the choice is to have a traditional funeral, cremation, or memorial service, Schueneman-Tumbleson Funeral Homes offers a wide variety of service and merchandise to meet your families requirements.


On-site Certified Funeral Celebrant

Each individual deserves to be memorialized in a unique, personal and special way.  Our Certified Funeral Celebrant on staff is available to all our families to meet their needs when it comes to planning the service.  If you are not affiliated with a church or religious denomination, we can arrange for you to have a family meeting with Veronica Haskell, and she can assist you in making sure your loved one is given an individualized tribute; telling the stories of their lives, in a way that memorializes and honors them with dignity and respect.